Thursday, August 19, 2010

"STOMP" Collecting


Some women collect dolls. Some collect vintage fabrics (I know one personally, me). Some women even collect husbands (I know one of those too). And some women collect shoes...

This is a short (or lengthy depending how much you love a great pair of shoes), blog about a good friend of mine, here in the Las Vegas area, obsession with shoes. Not to be cofused with a dealing box designed to hold several decks of playing cards, but possibly just as expensive.

I have been asked to help clear out her double walk-in closet. Yes, I wrote "double" walk-in closet. She has the best taste and an appetite for very nice, fashion savvy apparel. I am sure with every item sold, another will replace it...but what fun we will have!

Stay with me here and follow the journey as I am listing name brand shoes, handbags and clothing (top of the line) for her at And please feel free to contribute to her cause if you see anything you "need".

I have placed a link to her beautiful things on the right of this blog, under lebudhz. Just click and shop from home. She is offering low starting bids and "free", USPS shipping on all her items. (The listing begins tonight at 9 PM, Pacific Time.)

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