Tuesday, February 12, 2013

'Olive' to Party

Happiness is our little Grandaughter, Adelina. She spends part of her Wednesday's with Nee Nee and Bapo to give her a break from being at pre school with her Mommy who teaches at a Montessori school. 

She loves to "clean" out cabinets and explore inside. Do you think she could have been a cave explorer in another life? Or maybe a cute little bat?

Here she is taking everything out of Mommy's pantry while wearing a pair of new panties around her neck as a necklace.  Such the fashionista! She loves anything in a Victoria Secret's bright pink bag...hmmm.

I've been sewing lately trying to make use of all my fabric pieces. Getting ready for an upcoming boutique as well as clearing out what's sitting my sewing room, unfinished.

I have a few items listed at esty.com. Just click the rosethoughts icon on the left of the page to view.

I hope to work on a few handbags between ebay listing for Kel Kel and my nephew this week. Wish me luck!