Saturday, September 29, 2012

Patricia Ann...Amazing Mother and My Bestest Friend...


My beautiful Mama left our family last Thursday early in the morning...she fought hard all her life...and even more near the end of it.
Thank you to The Marley House/Hospice.  The wonderful nurses, chaplin and the beautiful Prescott surroundings made her last days peaceful.
We were able to open up the french doors in her room to the fall breeze after being in a hospital for almost 3 weeks.
We asked that she watch over us all and to finally rest, a well deserved retirement.
I love you Mama and will carry you with me forever.
Patrica Ann 1932-2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Cancer...What is it good for?...Absolutely nothing!

Where have I been all these months...

My beautiful Mother of 80 was diagnosed with NHL-Non Hodgkins Lymphoma 2 1/2 years ago with a 5 year life expectancy. She decided NO CHEMO at that time, taking her chances living out her days without the illness associated with the side effects (strong Lady!).

Sadly 3 weeks ago her lymphoma caught up with her. An extremely enlarge lymph node/tumor grew in her stomach sufficating and pressuring most of her internal organs. She was taken to a local hospital in Prescott, AZ and then transported to Good Samaritan Hospital in Phoenix.

She was in ICU for over a week being poked and proded to the tune of her Medicard/Medicaid "Mastercard" insurance. Wow, now I understand the Medicare dilemma. Until you sign DNR papers you are a guinea pig for tests, tubes, medication and oh yeah, CHEMO...the stuff my Mom didn't want 2 1/2 years ago.

Her kidneys began to fail so the doctors decided to surgically put in tubes to drain them and moved her to the cancer floor of the hospital were the appointed Oncologist Doctor gives the "As seen on TV" sales pitch on all the "great things" chemo has to offer and that her disease is "treatable"...yeah Doc 2.5 years ago.

So my Mom is given 4 count, em' FOUR! chemo treatments in 1 1/2 days and sends her on her way...a transport to a nursing facility back in Prescott.

However, Dear doctor wouldn't tell my parents the quality of life and her life expectancy (said she couldn't tell her that...even after my Paramedic husband in front of his MIL demanded she do so!)

This week she is back in ICU fighting the infections left behind by chemo. She fights to live not understanding how sick she is...she never grasped that this was terminal.

I pray for you. I pray your suffering ends very soon Mamma. I love you so much.